By 2015, founder Josh Wall had been in the service industry for eight years. He had worked for a few different companies and had come to realize a need in his community: a service company that values its team members, pays them a fair wage, and takes the time to invest in their personal and professional growth. This was what Josh had hoped to receive in his own professional career and now he wanted to make that available to other professionals, young and old alike. He knew that if a company would take the time to invest in their team members, it would positively affect their clients, their industry, and their community.  

In 2015, newlyweds Josh & Dusti Wall founded Wall and Company with this vision in mind. With close to nothing in the bank, Josh quit his job as a landscape laborer and started working for his own lawn maintenance business. Day by day, month by month, ends were met and Wall & Company grew. Lawn maintenance services expanded to landscaping services. Team members were added. The paint division was opened. In 2017, Josh added Adam Kruse to the team as the landscape division manager with the goal of making him a business partner. More team members were added. In 2019, Adam officially became co-owner with Josh. As of 2021, Wall & Company has two paint crews and two landscape crews, along with a septic system installation division. More than the growth of our company, we are immensely proud of the growth of our team members and the many projects that we have done for our happy clients. 

We believe Wall & Company is a business that communicates care for both its clients and employees. We are continually striving to build a culture where team members enjoy coming to work and clients look forward to having us work on their projects. It’s a simple vision that impacts the lives of those around us and our community as a whole 


We also give back to our community by giving to local non-profit organizations like Maddie’s Place, a non-profit that serves drug-dependent babies and their mothers. For more information on their mission or to donate, please visit www.maddiesplace.com 





At Wall & Company, our core values are what make us tick. 

When we arrive at your home, you can rest assured that our crews will complete their work with: 



  1. Listen to the client’s needs, ideas, goals, and expectations. 

  1. Clarify what we’ve heard to ensure we’ve understood correctly. 

  1. Visualize what the client needs. 

  1. Plan the proper steps to meet the client’s needs. 

  1. Communicate a clear plan of action to the client. 

  1. Provide a time estimate and a method of contact in case anything should arise. 

  1. Do what is expected. 

  1. Strive to go above and beyond what is expected. 

  1. Ensure that the worksite is cleaner than when you found it. 

  1. Verify that the customer is satisfied.